The revolution will be live

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on Dirty Secrets, which has led to a desire to listen to Rage Against the Machine. If you haven’t been exposed to Rage, then the following links are for your enlightenment. WARNING: I know that there is the use of language in at least one of these (“Bulls on Parade”), though I avoided the more egregious examples. Yes, “Killing in the Name Of”, I’m looking at you.

People of the Sun
Sleep Now in the Fire (with actual footage from the filming on Wall Street)
Bulls on Parade

If you’re really wanting to break things for a cause, then this is your soundtrack. And, honestly, I’m sympathetic. When I begin to look at what is left of our American republic, I am saddened. And when I see the justification for our oppression of other nations, I am angered.

And I thiink that this is what Rage Against the Machine wanted to accomplish. They wanted angry people who would get up and do something. Fight the Man. Take a stand. Something!

Nothing really came of it.

I suppose that I shouldn’t really be surprised. Rage offered no real solutions aside from an unfocused violence directed against oppressors. Leaving aside all the moral objections, that’s only sustainable for so long. Violence and bloodshed is an insufficient foundation upon which to build a free nation. And so, while millions listened to their music, Rage did not effect the long-lasting change that they really desired.

But there are others. Defiant revolutionaries, daring to stand against evil and oppression, not through violence, but through peace.

Our men dare to love their wives, honoring them before all others. Our women dare to submit to their husbands, honoring them before all others. We dare to love our children, training them to be humble, virtuous warriors. We question the foundations of this immoral society. We challenge the lies that we have been fed. We defy the forces of wickedness that claim this world. And we look to the coming kingdom of Christ, which is already among us and opposes all governments who will not yield to His righteous rule.

We are many, and we are growing.

The governments of the world fear us, because we expose their lies for what they are. The corporations of the world hate us, because we do not wantwhat they are selling. With our mouths, we declare the coming of the King of all rulers, who will demand his due. By our lives, we show that we do not need them.

As you read through the book of Acts, you see the apostles are constantly being arrested. At one point, Peter is in a maximum security prison, guarded by sixteen guards. (Acts 12:4) Why were these men treated like dangerous revolutionaries?

Because they were dangerous revolutionaries. And so are we.

You say you want a revolution? We are the revolution. And you cannot stop us.

Happy Independence Day.

(The title of this post was taken from “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.)


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