Today, I remembered a scene from one of the early playtests of my game Legends of Alyria. My brother-in-law Tom was portraying Victor, a prominent man in his village with a dark secret. During the scene in question, Victor was being held prisoner by monsters called houns, which were a bit like displacer beasts crossed with wolves, for those who understand that reference. While he was being held prisoner, Uriel, the houn’s master, was going to the village to reveal his true identity: the outcast son of Victor.

Anyways, one of Victor’s Traits was Cowardice. In particular, he was afraid that his good reputation in the village would be ruined by Uriel’s revelation. And so, in game play, Tom invoked his Cowardice Trait to aid him in walking away from the houns. I remember being completely blown away. It worked, too, and Victor hurried back to the village.

We have only room in our souls for one fear, which will drive out all other fears. Would that the fear of God would cast out my other fears.


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