PCA receives Federal Vision report

This is breaking news via the PCA General Assembly webcast. The Federal Vision report was received.

I was particularly disappointed with the apparent lack of concern for the lack of Federal Vision adherents on the committee. There was a motion to postpone, which would have included the appointing of two additional members to the committee who would represent the Federal Vision, but this motion was overwhelmingly voted down. (I base the “overwhelmingly” on the camera shot of the voting commissioners and on the fact that they did not need to count the votes.)

I was also disappointed with the attitude expressed by some in regards to the request for additional exegesis. The reply was, “Well, we have the Westminster Standards, and that’s enough exegesis for us!” In particular, R.C. Sproul seemed to express this attitude when he spoke against the motion to postpone, which was upsetting to me.

Of course, what this means in the long run, I don’t know. But, sigh…. I had hoped that it would be different.


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