So, in the course of pursuing my indie RPG publishing (seriously!), I came across a fellow designer who also works with kombucha. Crystal had made kombucha a while back, and I recalled that it was okay. However, my tastes in food have shuffled around a bit in the interim, and I began to wonder if I might like kombucha.

Then my fellow designer mentioned having made a batch of kombucha with ginger.

I love ginger.

So today, I find myself the happy owner of four SCOBYs. Tea is brewing, even as I type, and, God willing, in a week, I will be the proud owner of a couple of gallons of kombucha. Including one with ginger. Fresh grated ginger, from the Asian market right around the corner….but that’s another post.

Sometime after the SCOBYs showed up today, it occurred to me that these things belonged to me. Not Crystal, the microbe wrangler. Me. I am now the proud owner of several clumps of yeast.

Life is weird.


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