Projekt Eins

So, early last month I received an email via Boardgamegeek:


I’m working on a little project, and I wondered if you might help. Basically, it’s a large-scale BGG April Fool’s stunt. If we can pull it off, I think it’ll make a lot of people smile.

As you know, the #1 ranked game on BGG is Puerto Rico, and it always has been. Princes of Florence and Tigris & Euphrates were at the top of the heap before Puerto Rico was published, but there wasn’t an official ranking system at that time. Caylus and BattleLore have shot up the charts, but still haven’t come close to Puerto Rico’s average rating. Puerto Rico has got so many votes (over 7,700 when I first drafted this letter, and now over 8,000), it might never be toppled.

But what if we were all to wake up one morning and find a new game at the top of the charts? That’s what I hope to accomplish with Projekt Eins (Babelfish-German for “Project One”).

The email went on to explain how we would do this.

Well, the game selected was Monkey Auto Races, and it worked far beyond our wildest dreams. Check this out , and then take a look at the personal comments. But quickly! On April 2, it will all go away.


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