Low-class guy

Recently, I had a shocking revelation: all in all, I’m a pretty low-class guy. For example, the “classical” arts hold some appeal to me, but right now, I’m way more interested in turntablism, particularly from artists like Portishead (“Only You”, “Wandering Stars”) or DJ Krush (“Kemuri”, “Still Island”). There’s something about the improv or semi-improv assembling of music from snippets of other music that appeals to me. It’s musical collage.

But, see, I also really enjoyed this entry from DJ P. (It helps if you realize that he is gesturing at the other DJ, who is off-screen to the right.)


Of course, it’s a particularly urban form of low class. My friend Bryan has been trying to turn me into a hillbilly, which is certainly not high class, but he does not approve of my current interests. 😛

Originally, there was going to be a serious point here, but I’ve changed my mind.


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