Leithart on obscenity and vulgar language

Toward a Biblical View of Obscenity
Modern Sex-Speak
On Vulgar Language

I particularly appreciated his discussion on the use of poetry in the first article. Food for thought.

However, the bulk of his argument is in the article “On Vulgar Language”, wherein he deals exegetically with the various verses at hand regarding the use of vulgar and crass language. As one who has been dealing with this issue from time to time, I found the discussion to be helpful and on point.

And now for some related humor. One of my jobs at work is the maintenance of our custom software. Everything in this software was hand-coded, except for the spell-check module. We located an open-source module that worked just fine, and we integrated that into the software. Much easier to use someone else’s work than trying to code your own.

Just the other week, though, someone discovered that there were various vulgar terms in the spellcheck dictionary. I guess that the authors of this module wanted to make sure that people could cuss with proper spelling. So, guess who had to go root around in the spellcheck dictionary, looking for vulgar words? That’s right: me.

Talk about skubalon, and suddenly you’re the expert. Sigh.

(Also, see Cooler Heads. I’m glad to see that he received and accepted wise counsel from his friends, although I can sympathize with his frustration.)


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