Back on January 8, I took Crystal out for a date in Champaign. I had been planning on writing up a little report on our day, but then, suddenly, we were moving that weekend. So, I figured that I’d finally sit down and write this up.

The original reason for going to Champaign was to watch a movie that was not playing in Peoria. Thr3e is adapted from a novel by Ted Dekker, a Christian author that my wife really enjoys. So, when she found out about the movie, she really wanted to see it. So, I figured out a way to make it happen.

Of course, it seemed silly to drive all the way to another city and only watch a movie, so I did a little bit of research on things to do in Champaign. Along the way, I discovered that downtown Champaign actually has its own website. Nifty restaurants, little shops… This is exactly the kind of thing that Crystal and I enjoy doing together. So, I figured that we’d wander around downtown, explore a bit, and scout out the restaurants for dinner after the movie.

And that’s pretty much what we did. We spent a lot of time in the Jane Addams Book Shop, poking around in the 2 1/2 stories of used books. In particular, I was looking for Ross MacDonald and Raymond Chandler books, and I managed to pick up a few of them. Then, as we continued wandering around the downtown area, we actually came across a game store (Dragon’s Table) and comic store (G-Mart) that were sharing retail space. Oddly enough, we didn’t buy any games, but we did pick up some comics. They actually had issues of Fell available, which I’ve been trying to purchase. I suppose that this qualifies Crystal and I as geeks, but we’re okay with that.

Then we left the area to go watch our movie, which we enjoyed.

After the movie, we didn’t really feel like eating dinner yet. However, Crystal had scouted out a restaurant called Ko Fusion earlier in the day, and she really thought that I’d like it. Plus, it was $1 sushi night (which feels like an upscale version of $.25 wing night at other places). So we went. I’m glad we did. Sadly the website doesn’t have pictures of the restaurant, but I’ve found some others (here, here, here, and here). Those pictures are about a year old, but if you look on the fourth picture, we essentially sat in between those two pillars next to the fish tank. There’s a water fall behind the bar, also lit up with colored lights, and all the lights cycle through colors in sync. It was very cool. The service was quick and friendly, and I enjoyed the sushi, particularly because they had eel on the menu. Normally, I wouldn’t eat eel, but sushi is an exception, especially when it’s in a sushi roll with bacon. Mmm…bacon.


So, yeah, we really liked the restaurant.

Then we drove home to Peoria while discussing the design and graphical feel of my latest game project Dirty Secrets. There were several useful insights that came out of this discussion, including the centrality of race and social status as a part of the game.

When we arrived back in Peoria, we ate dinner at One World.

By the time that we arrived home, Crystal and I agreed that we were ready to be home. It had been a good day, restful and relaxing. Which was good, too, because insanity lurked around the corner. The next evening would be spent painting until 5:00 a.m. to try to prepare for a house purchase and move by Saturday.

God knew that we needed the break, and so He gave it to us.


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