A new portal

There’s a new portal site in town: Peoria.com As a supporter of all things local, I’m pretty excited about this. Plus, there are forums…a dangerous thing….

2 responses to “A new portal

  • mikebraun

    Uh, rather interesting blog. I chanced across it at the “new portal” you mention. I’m a Peoria native who moved away 40+ years ago. Forums are only dangerous when they are left to anarchy. Jsiut like civilzation, they need traffic cops, judges and all the trappings of civility to work. Left to their own devices, they will tumble down the slipstream to vulgarity and juvenile highjinks. I’ve seen it happen in other cities (check out dems17.org, it’s a forum site in Youngstown, Ohio, a former 35-year settling place of mine).
    At any rate, good luck and keep on blogging.

  • Mike Braun

    I sent a comment earlier, but didn’t see it attacked later. Do they take time to come up?

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