Reflections on House-Building–Introduction

I’m beginning the third straight week of working on the new house. In the evenings I come home from work and hustle down to the new house to put in a few hours, trying to get the house ready for us to buy and occupy. This has been a frustrating experience for me. I’m not very good at working with my hands, and I find that I miss my wife and children as I have been away so much. At the same time, this time has been eye-opening to me. In particular, I’m beginning to see all the illustrations of God’s truth that are sitting right in front of me. So, to try to make the best use of this experience, I will be writing about these thoughts, using this current experience of house-building as the springboard for these thoughts. I have a few articles lined up already, and, if I think of more, I’ll write them down too.


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