A public service announcement regarding the News from Orange Street

It has come to my attention that folks are being confused by The News from Orange Street. Specifically, people are uncertain where the boundary between fact and fiction lies.

On the one hand, this is gratifying, because it means that it’s working. Indeed, if you are wanting to comment or otherwise become part of this game, that is precisely the attitude that I’d like you to have as you post. Play the concerned friends that you actually are. It’ll be fun!

At the same time, I’d like to quote from the “About” page for the game:

This is not a real blog. This is, in fact, a game of imagination that is in process. Everything that you are reading is fiction. That includes all the comments. That’s right. The comments are part of the game, too.

So, please keep this in mind as you read.

Emphasis added.

That’s right. It’s all fiction. “But what about the stuff that’s true?” That’s fiction, too. Trust me. Even true things are false.

Or, in other words, Crystal hasn’t been sick for several days.

I thought that you’d all like to know.


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