Playing Heroscape against Isaac


One of my guilty game pleasures is Heroscape. Honestly, as a game snob, I really shouldn’t like this game. But I do. I think part of it is my history with miniatures wargaming, which this allows me to enjoy again.

The other is eye candy.


Check out these pictures to see what I mean:

A massive castle
Ice and bridge
Bridges and lava

The pieces lock together so that you can build whatever battlefield you want. The units themselves range from elvish archers to dragons to robots and more. It’s everything my geeky little heart could want.

More importantly, for this post, my children also love it.

In particular, I’ve noticed that Isaac, even at age six, does quite well at this game. He seems to intuitively grasp concepts like a pinning force, flanking, and pincer movements. So, yesterday, I decided to play a game of Heroscape with just him, discussing strategy and tactics along the way, and see how he did.

We talked through some things along the way, including force selection, and I was laying out my battle plan to him for a while to illustrate my two dicta for the day:

1) Always have a plan.
2) Always be ready to change the plan.

However, I was careful to allow him to make decisions, based on some of the basic principles that I was laying out. I want to be clear on this point: Isaac played the game essentially alone.

Which is why, when I say that I won by the skin of my teeth, I want you to be impressed.

Specifically, at the end of the day, I had a solitary Viking warrior to my name. The rest of my army had been completely slaughtered to secure my victory.

Indeed, the entire game came down to one exchange between my last Viking and Isaac’s last samurai.

I won, but I had to work hard for it.

I’m so proud.


One response to “Playing Heroscape against Isaac

  • Jonathan

    That makes me so happy as his uncle, I’m glad at least one other person in my family might be able to put up a good fight against me someday in stategy games.

    Also, the font is still not working….I hope I didn’t have too many typos.

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