Illinois Journal–A Preface to the preface

Since I’m moving in the near future and feeling the insanity, I thought of the Illinois Journal that I kept during my first year in Illinois. Mostly, it focused on that first summer, documenting my thoughts and feelings at the time.

At the time, I was emailing it out to select individuals, but, in a way, it was my first blog attempt. So, four years later, I thought that I would share this with all the rest of you. I haven’t edited anything from the original messages, so be aware of that, as I talk about emailing and suchlike.

By the way, Crystal took these entries, printed them up on quality paper, and hand-bound them into a book for me. It’s up on the high shelves, so that the children can’t get to it. My very own hand-bound book. Nifty!


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