God provides

I am between books. In fact, I’ve been scavenging for books for the past week.

For me, this is a crisis. I need to be reading a good book (or two or three) at all times. If I’m not reading, it hurts me.

Problem: my books are packed. Another problem: I have been too busy to get to the library.

Last night, this was weighing on me. There’s a lot of chaos and upheaval in my life right now, which tends to manifest itself in various small annoyances turning into major points of depression. So my lovely wife, having asked me what book I wanted, rooted around in the packed books until she located it.

My wife loves me.

And then, today, a co-worker delivered a book that I had requested several weeks ago. Additionally, a book was mentioned during our monthly staff meeting that is in my workplace’s library.

I went from zero books to three in the space of 24 hours.

There are those who see God as being too big or distant to be concerned with the small events of our lives. But that’s not what the Bible teaches. In fact, God is great because He cares about the small events of our lives.

God has been good to me in the small things. And so I rejoice in Him.


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